Donating and/or Recycling Computers, Printers/Copiers, Keyboards, Mice, and More:

Helping out a local school: Ray Attreed will take any Windows or MAC computer. He will also accept printers if the software and cable are available, keyboards, and mice. Equipment must be in good working order. Ray is located at 80 Thomas Bee Drive or you can reach him by email or text him at (860) 877-3996.

For anything that Ray can’t use please consider one of the following options:

Goodwill – 509 Island Parkway West (just past the Toyota dealership on the right side of Fording Island Road behind the Enmarket gas station): 

  • To view a complete list of recyclable items – Click Here  (To find this information scroll down to “Donating Computers, Phones, and More” on the website.)

  • To view a Map Click Here

Staples – 1050 Fording Island Road  (Next to Dick’s Sporting Goods and near Target):

County – Recycling Information: