Welcome to the Apple SIG….where Apple Computers – iPhones – iPads – iPods & Apple Watches all play a part in our community

Our Apple SIG meets on the 3rd Monday of the month at Hidden Cypress in the Ballroom. We begin with a Q&A at 3:45 PM and a Presentation at 4 PM.  Our next meeting will occur September 19, 2022 .  We do not meet during the month of December. When necessary we will use Zoom for our meetings.

You will be able to connect with others who share your excitement for these products whether you have one or many. We join together to provide current information and assistance through meetings, help sessions, classes, and newsletters.  

Membership in the group comes with your Computer Club Membership. Special notices are given to people who are listed on our mailing list.

We provide education concerning your existing Apple devices and share information on the latest trends in our Apple Notes: Click Here

If you are looking for resources for Apple products, equipment, Operating Systems, and more: Click Here