Are You Looking for Someone to Help You with Your Smartphone, Tablet, Computer, Printer, Streaming, and more?  If so, you are in the right place!

To secure our Volunteer Helper List it has been necessary to move the document to the Sun City Hilton Head Residents Website(The names, email addresses, and phone numbers of our Volunteer Helpers were open to the world!)

You will need to visit the Sun City Hilton Head Residents Website SHOWN BELOW.

  1. To do this you’ll need to be able to Login to the Sun City Hilton Head Residents Website with your personal login & password. (If you need assistance with either of these items email the CAM help desk at:

    1. If you ARE NOT taken directly to the Computer Club’s web page follow the directions in Steps 2 – 5. 

    2. If you ARE taken directly to our web page follow the information in Step 5.

  2. Scroll to Clubs & Groups and “Click/Tap” on “Learn More

  3. Scroll to Hobbies and “Click/Tap” on “Learn More

  4. Scroll to Computer Club and “Click/Tap” on Computer Club

  5. Scroll down to the middle of the page to Need Software or Hardware Help? and “Click/Tap” on “Click Here” (Maroon in color) at the end of the last sentence.  You will be taken to a Google Sheet (document) listing Volunteer Helpers by category of expertise.  Email or call one of the volunteers listed under that category for help.

  6. This list was created in 2019 after the beginning of Covid and has not been updated since that time.

To be directed to the Sun City Hilton Head Website and the Volunteer Helper List – Click Here

Are you having problems finding the Volunteer Helper Document? Email Mark Davis at for assistance.