November’s Volunteer of the Month showcases the many talents of William“Bud” Brooks, our Computer Club Webmaster and Apple Helper.

As an Apple Helper, you will find Bud at our “Help” sessions usually on Friday mornings.  He enjoys meeting people and the challenge each member presents and then solving their problems.  He listens carefully to his client and asks questions to get a better understanding of their issue.  Sometimes a client says they have problem X, but after asking questions, he finds their problem is really Y.

As the “Webmaster” of our Word Press club website, Bud offers his knowledge and expertise.  His help and dedication has been invaluable and is greatly appreciated. He also created and is the Webmaster for the Sun City Tennis Association, a couple of local businesses, and a few non-profits in MA.

Bud was the first to introduce us to the 3D printer at one of our club presentations.  The 3D printer can be found at the Bluffton Library.  He also introduced us to his personal social robot, JIBO.

Bud’s career in technology began in 1986 as a Mathematics teacher, moving on to teaching BASIC programming.  In 1990 he was hired by the Bancroft School in Worcester MA. to teach mathematics and support the teachers on how to integrate technology into their classrooms using Mac computers.  In 2010 the Bancroft School appointed Bud as Director of Technology.

Bud retired and moved to Sun City in 2012 from MA.  In addition to the time he devotes to the Computer Club, he loves learning new things and problem-solving.  His interests range from playing tennis and golf. He also enjoys carpentry/woodworking projects and working around his house.

Volunteerism is a big part of Bud’s life here in Sun City.  We cannot thank him enough for his dedication and service to our Club.  If you attend our Friday Help sessions, please congratulate Bud on being chosen our November Volunteer of the Month.

Submitted by Catherine Tracy with thanks to Bud!