This month we honor the delightful talents of our Computer Club “Social Committee Chair Extraordinaire”, Patricia Lindvall.  When you think of the Computer Club you probably never associate it with the wonderful social events that we have throughout the course of the year.  Pat throws the best parties around.  It is our pleasure to honor Pat as our September Volunteer of the Month.

Each year our Computer Club Volunteers are recognized with a fabulous “Volunteer Appreciation” BBQ.  Pat, at the helm, always surprises us with delicious food, wine, music, dancing and the “Make Your Own Sundae” dessert finale.  This party is always a hit!

For the holidays, Pat heads up a committee, creating a festive “Holiday Party”, putting everyone in the spirit of the season.  Amazing food and spirits always make this a fun time for socializing, while putting aside technology for a few hours.  This event has become so popular it had to be moved to a larger venue last year to accommodate all the party-goers!

Pat’s wonderful career in the Corporate Food Service Industry led her to volunteer for the Computer Club as head of the Social Committee.  Her job required knowledge of computer technology, by creating spreadsheets and inventory records.  Joining the Computer Club gave her the opportunity to continue learning the latest technology and she now uses a computer, smartphone, and tablet.

Pat has been a resident since 2004 and has been involved in many other Sun City clubs including the Bicycle Club, Kayak Club, Fishing and Hunting Club, and the Garden Club.  She also avails herself of our pools, gyms, and walking trails.

Although Pat has volunteered with food and refreshments for many parties and functions, her biggest passion is volunteering with the USO in Beaufort County.  This honors and supports her grandson in the Marine Corp and her granddaughter in the Air Force.  She joined the USO in 2006 and took on the role of coordinator for the group in 2010.  As coordinator, she manages a team of 20 USO volunteers.  They attend Homecomings, Deployments, etc. at MCAS, Beaufort to support Marines, Sailors and their families.  They serve drinks, snacks and give out toys and other needed items.  In August she worked at the Military Appreciation Day at Laurel Bay Park.

Consider becoming a Computer Club Volunteer and you too, can enjoy our annual Barbecue and watch for a Save the Date for our festive Holiday Party, headed by Pat Lindvall.

Thank you, Pat, for sharing your time and talent with our Club and the Beaufort USO.  Everyone appreciates everything you do to assist the community.

Submitted by, with his many thanks to Pat… Mark Davis, Computer Club President