“First Things First: Is a Chromebook Right for You?

If you’re only considering making the jump over to a Chromebook, you may be curious whether a Chromebook is even feasible for you. Fortunately, we have a guide that can help you decide.

If you’re just looking for the nuts and bolts though, there are a few questions you can ask yourself:

  • Do you need any proprietary Windows software? Take a day or two to analyze the way you use your current computer—really pay attention. There may be things so ingrained in your workflow that you don’t realize you use them.
  • Do you live in the cloud? If you already rely on the cloud for most of your saved files and other data, then you’re well on your way to life with a Chromebook.
  • Do you care about security? When it comes to computers, there are few consumer products out there more secure than an out-of-the-box Chromebook.

And really, that’s about it. Software is generally the biggest hurdle anyone has when it comes to making the switch, so if you don’t need to do any heavy lifting on the daily—photo or video editing, for example—then a Chromebook will probably be just fine.”

 Switching to a Chromebook? Here’s What You Need to Know

.Should You Buy a Chromebook?              February 3rd, 2017

both articles by Cameron Summerson “How – to – Geek” on July 15th, 2018