Debbie Dennis is the 2018 Rasmussen Award Honoree for
Outstanding  Service to the Computer Club

  • Debbie is currently serving as a Member at Large on our Board.
  • She is the Chair of our Education Committee helping to establish topics and organize classes.
  • She spends hours each week preparing for her own classes and presentations.
  • She provides an Open Class on Saturday afternoons to assist those with a Chromebook who need information on how to use it more efficiently.
  • Debbie is also Co-Chair of our Komputer Klatch Hour, working constantly to establish new presenters as well as bringing back former presenters to cover new topics.
  • She often becomes the presenter at KK covering a variety of timely topics.
  • She was involved with the annual Club Fair.
  • She Chaired a committee to rewrite our Club by-laws. Never an easy task.
  • Debbie wears many hats; does her job extraordinarily well and is always willing to assist the Club whenever asked.She is truly deserving of recognition as the 2018 Rasmussen Award recipient.