“I love being a Class Assistant”. “It affords me the chance to help/support our members and instructors” says Carol Malcolm, our May Volunteer of the Month. “Not only do I receive personal satisfaction but find I am constantly learning along with the class…learning is fun and stimulates the brain”.

Carol supported the Computer Club first as an instructor and is now an active member of the Education Committee.  She is the first to volunteer to assist with class signup for members who prefer to register in person every month. Another responsibility is notifying the instructors of their class list prior to the session. With the number of classes we offer, this is no easy job. She is a superb copy editor for the Volunteer of the Month column. You will see Carol every year at our Club Fair table enthusiastically sharing information about our group with prospective and current members.   In addition to helping with special events, she is a regular at the Apple Sig monthly meetings and weekly KK meetings.

Carol has always had an interest in computers and moving to Sun City from Charlotte NC in 2006, it is not surprising the Computer Club was the very first Club she joined.  Prior to retirement, Carol’s career was in Office Administration, using computers and the software pertaining to the job at the time. The challenges and interest in this new technology were ever present and continue to this day.  Formally a PC user, “I am now an Apple user with an  iMac, an iPhone and iPad.” Carol added.

In addition to the Computer Club, Carol is a member of the Photography Club, the Travel Club (and she does love to travel), the Sun City Library and participates in the Fitness Programs afforded thru Sun City.  She has a passion for yoga that runs deep having practiced yoga and meditation for over 25 years.  Carol is a supporter of the Friends of the Bluffton Library and participates in their monthly Book Club.   She is also an active member of All Saints Episcopal Church on Hilton Head, volunteering in various capacities.

Our Club thanks Carol Malcolm and all those who give so freely of their time and talent. Computer Club members are encouraged to ask about our many club volunteer opportunities.

If interested in learning more about or becoming a Class Assistant/CA contact – Judy Raney  using the following email address: computercac@gmail.com