It is a pleasure to feature David Graham as our July Volunteer of the Month. Dave has the distinction of actually starting the Saturday Help Session in the classroom. For many weeks he was the only helper. The session grew from one helper to as many as five and the needs of PC/Android/Apple devices were able to be met. As a club, we have received many a thank you recognizing David’s reassuring, calm manner of help.

David came to Sun City from Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan six years ago. He was an engineer but says he studied ancient stuff; not history but rather things like Assembler, Cobol, and Fortran. Like many of us, his recent knowledge is self-taught.

These days David daily uses a Chromebook. He has an iMac and an Amazon Echo. Surprisingly his cell phone is a flip phone. He described himself as a genealogy nerd.

It is amazing that David has time to be a regular helper based on his Sun City activities. Talk about a Renaissance man. He is involved with softball, pickleball, fitness classes, Theatre Club, Strummers and men’s barbershop. He is also in a Sun City based band. His only complaint is that there are not enough hours in the day.

David volunteers to be a helper because it is fun helping people. He enjoys meeting interesting people and always seems to learn new things in a help session. David stresses that you do not need to be an expert but rather a grasp of the basics and a willingness to listen carefully when people describe their computer problems. Like many other helpers, Google is a great place to find answers. In a typical session, he works on about three projects. Using his sports analogy he says he sometimes strikes out but not too often. With a 700% present average, we call him an MVP. Thank you, David.