The Computer Club Staff is excited to present Niki Nichole as Volunteer of the Month. Many may recognize her as a Class Assistant while others know her as a regular Help Session volunteer.

Niki seems to thrive on challenges.  Her energy for solving problems is a positive.  Of the various qualities of a volunteer her “passion” for helping stands above any other.  She freely contributes much of her time to our Computer Club and in so doing also recognizes qualities of others who have potential for becoming volunteers.

How did Niki become involved?  Back in February 2015 a name appeared in an email, “This person might be of interest to you”.  So an email was sent asking, “Would you like to become a Class Assistant?” To which, a hidden gem, Niki Nichole, replied, “YES”.  From that time on Niki has volunteered to assist in the classroom for classes, lectures, presentations and HELP sessions.  She admits she doesn’t know everything but approaches with the spirit, “I’ll help you find an answer to your question.”

So to the Lady with the many different hair colors and styles we salute you as our Volunteer of the Month!

What makes a Sun City Super Club even better? Some may reply, “Size of course. The bigger the better”. While others may respond, “Purpose, for without a purpose why form a club”. Yet, for the purpose to be of value, members are required. More important than simply the number of members is – Members who Volunteer!

Judy Raney

Class Assistant Coordinator

Email: Class Assistant Program