Meet Maureen Kilcoyne, June Volunteer of the Month for her work in Computer Help. In addition to considerable general computer knowledge, Maureen is fluent in both PC and iOS. She offers help in a calm pleasant manner that both teaches and reassures.  You see these same qualities when she is a Computer Club instructor and class assistant.  But Maureen’s talents are not limited to computers. She is also heavily involved with knitting, photography and gardening, yet she still has time to share her considerable computer experience in our help sessions.

To find out how Maureen came to be a helper and why she does it, we did an interview.

Q. Why do you volunteer for this activity?

Maureen. I derive a great sense of personal satisfaction from helping others.

I would have to say it is “giving back” to the community in my small way.  Also, it allows me to stay on top of ever-changing technology

Q.When did you move to Sun City, from where?

Maureen. I moved here October 2013 – so it’s been 3 1/2 years!  I came from Boylston, MA (a very small rural community West of Boston).  How Time flies!

Q. What Devices/Programs are you involved with in the Computer Club

Maureen. I own Apple, Android, Google, and Microsoft products.  I attend Apple, Microsoft SIG meetings, as well as KK.  All are wonderful resources for knowledge-sharing and education.  I act as a Class Assistant, an Instructor, as well as volunteer in the Club’s free Help Sessions.  I also gather and share Microsoft Notes for that SIG.

Q. What other Sun City Activities are you involved in?

Maureen. I am a member of the Photography Club, the Sew What Club knitters, and a Board member of Julie’s Mission.

Q. What is your Computer Background/Training

Maureen. I have certification in SAP’s SD (Sales & Distribution) module, as well as Computer Graphics and Web Design.  My background was a Sr SAP Business Analyst/Trainer and Internal Auditor within the pharmaceutical/medical device industries.

Q. What would you say to people thinking about being a helper?

Maureen. I would encourage anyone interested in helping out in the Computer Club to do so without hesitation.  There are many capacities in which one can assist without being a “Tech Guru.”  We have Monitors who are our “Club Greeters” and point folks in the right direction for Club Resources.  We have Class Assistants who provide valued assistance to instructors and students during formal classes by taking attendance and helping students with computer navigation.  And anyone with specialized skills might consider offering a Class as an instructor or doing a “KK” to discuss a technical topic that could benefit club members.  All these opportunities are a great way to meet people and provide a valuable service to the community – plus they have the added benefit of keeping your mind sharp.  Truly, a Win—Win scenario!


Catherine Tracy, Help Coordinator