In Memorium: A gentle soul, a kind man, and Computer Class Scheduler extraordinaire for more than 6 years, we honor him as Volunteer of the Month but in reality, he should receive Volunteer of a Lifetime as he affected so many over the lifetime of our Computer Club.

Could Buckey schedule education classes? He set a personal best, and assuredly a Computer Club record number of classes the last months of his life, under what would have been difficult conditions for most, not him. When your phone rang and Buckey was on the other end, you knew you were going to say YES even before he asked…. to whatever he wanted.

But what he really wanted was to give you support when you needed it; his prayers during difficult times; maybe give encouragement and praise to a new instructor or just a kind word and a soft laugh….so perhaps scheduling classes was just his excuse to call.

And those calls always ended with “Thanks for what you do”

Buckey, from all your friends at the Computer Club, Thanks for all you did for Us. Our world will never quite be the same but has certainly been enriched during the time we spent with you.