Microsoft Windows 8.1
Click here for a discussion of the new features by the Lowcountry Computer Guy.
Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts
Click here for a handy list of keyboard shortcuts.

Microsoft's Onedrive (skydrive)

Click here to read about Microsoft's cloud storage with ability to sync with a onedrive folder on your desktop. Click here to find out about the free App that allows iPhone to access that storage.
Nexus 7
A new Nexus 7 has arrived with lots of upgrades. Click here for  information on the new Nexus 7 with Jelly bean (Android 4.3).  Click here for a Nexus 7 cheat sheet from Dummies.
Kindle Fire HD
Kindle Fire 2 known as HD has 2 sizes.  The 7" version and the 8.9 " version.  Click here to see the kindle fire HDs and the new Kindle Fire HDXs.
Microsoft Surface Tablet
Click here. This tablet runs RT. Compares to iPad4, click here.

Microsoft Surface Tablet Pro
Click here. This tablet runs Windows 8. Compares to Ultrabooks. Click here.

Surface Tablet Comparisons,
Click here

Geeks on Tour Tablet advice.

Plug Chromecast into any HDTV and control it with your existing smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Click here for description.

Creating a Browser Start Page

iGoogle Replacements

iGoogle start page was discontinued November 1, 2013.    Here are a few possible replacements:
igHome is the simplest but most inflexible.
AllMyFaves has loads of links to put on your page(s).
Awesome New Tab Page is activated with each new tab.
Protopage has a variety of gadgets and  flexible pages.
Yahoo's  start page is also a favorite.

More Apps for Everyone

Lifehacker's App Directory is a constantly maintained and updated directory of the best applications and tools for computers (Windows, Mac, and Linux) and smartphones (Android and iPhone).

How To Use Android 

 Click here for some good tips on using your Android device.
iTunes for All
PCs as well as Macs can use iTunes. You can do so much more than just purchase music and much of it is free. To find out more click here to see Bob Kampwirth's  comprehensive iTunes presentation at the general meeting. 
Going in Google+ Circles
Forget being friended on Facebook or followed on Twitter. What you really want now is to be Circled—or so Google hopes. Click here for Wall St Journal article. Google+ Circles Information

Know Your Network

Click here for very lucid step by step process that starts with picking your router to accessing your home computers from anywhere. 
Fix Your Wi-Fi Network: 7 Tips
Click here for a quick guide to fixing the most common Wi-Fi problems that crop up at home, in the office, or on the road.
TopTen Smart  Phone Reviews
PC World Guide to Cell Phones Click here
Computer Recycling News 
He is in need of computers.   Don will take any Windows or MAC computer.  He will also accept printers if the software and cable are available.  They can be brought to him or directly to the school. Equipment must be in good working order.  Don is located at 6 Arabella Lane. You can reach Don by email at  or phone   705-2413. Don supplies computers to local schools. For PCs Don Cotnoir cannot use, Paul Shane can recycle some of their parts as he repairs Sun City residents' computers. Send email ( with contact information and describe your old machine. Shane will arrange to pick it up.  Check our professional help page for other people like Frank Olbrish ( who might have a use for your computer.
Beaufort county has recycling events at the county public works facilities at 102 Benton Field Road in Bluffton and 140 Shanklin Road in Beaufort.  SC prohibits computers, monitors, printers and TVs from being dumped in landfills. On May 17, 2014,  Saturday 9-3 there will be a Computer and electronics recycling event.
Good news; There is an electronics recycling company located in Jasper County that accepts e-waste all year. Go to or call (843) 784-3130.
Welcome, Members & Guests
August 8
9:00am Koffee Klatch
Pinckney Hall
 Fun with Google+ Photos
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Computer Club Bulletin Board
Click here to ask questions or provide answers or just share information on a variety of topics like Macs, PCs, and Tablets. Register using your first name & last name, divided by a space.

Open Room PC & Tablet Help Schedule
Aug 2
9:00-11:00 PC Help David Graham
August 4
2:00-400pm Windows 8/8.1 Charlie Finn
August 5
Windows 8, 8.1 & Android Tablet
Jerry Jeffrey
August 7
9:45-11:45 Windows 8, 8.1 & Android Kindle Tablet Ray Attreed
August 14
9:45-11:45 Windows 8, 8.1 & Android Kindle Tablet Ray Attreed
August 16
9:00-11:00 PC Help David Graham
August 21
9:45-11:45 Windows 8, 8.1 & Android Kindle Tablet Ray Attreed
August 23
9:00-11:00 PC Help David Graham
August 30
9:00-11:00 PC Help David Graham
Apple Help
July 30
3:00-5:00 Mac/IOS iDevices Barb Cowgill
Toni Valenstein
Bonnie Potter 
August 1
10:15-12:15 Mac/IOS iDevices John Burrack
Bill McKinnery
August 6
3:00-5:00 Mac/IOS iDevices Donna Williams
Toni Valenstein
Noah Rosenstein
August  8
10:15-12:15 Mac/IOS iDevices Dennis Rettew Mark Davis Joyce Ender
August 13
3:00-5:00 Mac/IOS iDevices  Mark Davis Ruth Rosensky Toni Valenstein
August  15
10:15-12:15 Mac/IOS iDevices John Burrack
Joyce Ender
August 20
3:00-5:00 Mac/IOS iDevices John Burrack
Mark Davis
Toni Valenstein
August  22
10:15-12:15 Mac/IOS iDevices  Mark Davis Bonnie Potter
August 27
3:00-5:00 Mac/IOS iDevices Maureen Keller
Mark Davis
Toni Valenstein
August  29
10:15-12:15 Mac/IOS iDevices  Catherine Tracy
Bonnie Potter
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Genealogy on the Community Website
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Internet Explorer
IE 10: Click here for download page.
IE 11 Metro is being developed, click here
Mozilla Firefox b
 Release notes here.You can configure Firefox to automatically check for updates or to disable automatic updating. Click here for info.
Google Chrome Browser Click here
Browser Comparisons Click here

Click image above for Office 2013 and Office 365
Free Alternatives to
 Pricey Software
Open Office
Libre Office
Feature Comparison: LibreOffice - Microsoft Office click here
Allyn Perdue's Technical Corner
Click here for windows computer purchasing information.
This document includes AMD& Intel processor information. 
Click here for other news.
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